If certain shoes cause pressure on your feet or you have discomfort near your big toe, you may have a bunion. A bunion is a bony bump, often painful, and found on the side of the big toe that may only be removed through surgery. If you have a bunion, you may be eligible to participate in a medical research study to evaluate an investigational pain medication following bunion removal.


Among other study requirements, participants must:

  • Be between the ages of 18-80 years
  • Have at least one qualifying bunion that requires surgical removal
  • Be available for a three-night stay in the clinic

Qualified participants may receive the following at no cost:

  • Bunion removal surgery performed by a board-certified podiatrist
  • Physical exams and lab work
  • Investigational study medication

Financial compensation up to $1400 may also be provided for time.

For more information or to see if you pre-qualify, please call us for a no-cost screening and evaluation or click here to complete our registration form and one of our patient recruitment specialists will contact you.

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